Payroll Outsourcing Myths Debunked

Payroll Outsourcing Myths Debunked

In a rapidly globalizing and connecting business environment, many have heavily criticized the outsourcing of payroll to other companies or even countries. There are many claims that small businesses cannot outsource payroll or cannot afford to do so. Many more reports have claimed that outsourcing payroll is devastating to a company’s ability to manage its own people and resources. Simply put, there are many claims about outsourcing payrolls that are not true or valid. Payroll outsourcing can be of great benefit to businesses of all types, shapes, and sizes. With proper research and management, it can become a huge player in allowing a company to focus its efforts elsewhere.

1st myth: outsourcing payroll is expensive

One common myth is that outsourcing payroll is expensive, wasteful of monetary funds and time, and is always error-ridden. However, previous experiences have shown that this is simply not true. For a small business to hire, train, and pay people to manage payroll in-house is quite expensive already. It is more rational to lessen the staff by outsourcing payroll and either have those workers transition to other positions or hire new workers that can contribute outside the payroll aspect. Payroll can be awfully time consuming during tax seasons when numbers have to be crunched and rushed. It is a much better use of time and human efforts to outsource it and have it automatically completed. Finally, many payroll providers are very professional, highly trained, and have a keen attention to detail. In many cases, the error would probably come from an in-house payroll employee because he or she is over worked, stressed, and burdened by the effects of a small business. Learn more!

2nd myth: filling timesheets and keeping track of hours

Another common myth is that filling timesheets and keeping track of hours to the second are necessary to the success of a business. This myth would have been true decades ago but they are now a relic of the past business culture. Many businesses do not practice this anymore simply because it is difficult and inefficient. Salaries are much easier to handle and in the event that hours still need to be tracked, online tools are much faster, more manageable, and easier to compute. It is not necessary to pay a computer to crunch numbers. Growing business cultures in flexibility and greater autonomy in the individual worker also contribute to the idea that it is not necessary to track hours or sick days. Examples range from small tech start-ups to large enterprises, such as Netflix or Groupon.

3rd myth: time wasting

Finally, many businesses are under the impression that in order to accurately file taxes, it should be completed in–house where the workers know what they are doing. However, this is a time wasting task for someone to be doing especially since there are new regulations, policies, forms, and issues to handle. Added stress can result in incorrect returns and corrected forms need to be submitted again. Payroll providers are well trained in yearly tax policies and also do not have the added stress of juggling multiple responsibilities at work. In fact, they are more likely to not make an error than an employee in-house.

The most important part of a business should not be the payroll. It should be the actual business, the employees and their families, and their customers! That is where the time. Money and efforts should be concentrated. Payroll providers are an excellent way to outsource a large burden and to allow the company to flourish like never before. Click here for further details:

Why Use an Online Payroll Service?

Why Use an Online Payroll Service?

Before you use online payroll, there are a few things you have to consider.

Save Time and Money –

When you’re running a business, time is money and you can’t spend all of it doing your payroll. You need to find ways to increase your revenue and grow your company. So a payroll tax is an overhead expense and it doesn’t add anything to help improve your business. It won’t add anything to your bottom line and you can easily outsource it. To save you time, you can hire an accounting firm to do your payrolls but that might be out of reach to many small businesses. Another great option would be to use an online payroll service provider.

Ease of Use –

For most people, processing payroll can be a time consuming task and it involves a lot of data entry. When you have all that information in a online payroll service, you can easily manipulate the data in the way you want. It is intuitive, quick and easy. Setting up the online payroll with the right data is very important. This is where all of your data will be used on. Even if you don’t know a lot about payroll, the service is easy to use and it is simpler than you can imagine. What’s more, they usually have great support and they can answer all of the questions you need answers to and whenever problems arise. Check out this site:

Avoid Costly Errors –

One of the biggest time savers that using an online payroll provider can provide is getting it right the very first time. Not only do they make the data entry portion simple, they show you previews of it before it gets submitted. This will save you time and money and whenever you are unsure, you can either email them or call them.

Stay Current –

Payroll tax laws are changing all the time so it difficult to stay current with any changes there may be. Keeping up with recent regulations of different taxing authorities makes an important part of using payroll software. So many clients like them because you don’t need to be a payroll expert to use it. It saves you time so that you can concentrate on your own business. More details!